Sunday, October 09, 2011

Miss Mis has been a busy little designer!  Besides her collab with Modern June that I wrote about last, she also released a great collab with Lacy Bittner called Savvy Saver this past week! 

When I saw the kit, my mind went back to when I was a child, and I remember my mother's obsession with saving stamps.  I decided to document that adventure with my layout.  It was fun remembering all the time she spent trying to collect, save, and redeem those stamps!  Here is the journaling:
Mama saved stamps!  Green stamps,
Red stamps, Gold stamps, it didn’t
matter!  We had a whole drawer
full of stamps and filled books
of stamps.  She'd shop on double
or triple stamp day to make the
most of her purchase!
I remember seeing her pour over
the catalogs of things she could
redeem with her precious stamps.
She could find just about anything
in those magical catalogs!
Pasting day went like this.  First
we’d separate all the different
kinds of stamps and put them in
their pile.  We’d use a wet sponge
on the backs of the stamps and
we’d work on one of the colors
until we ran out of stamps all our
available books were filled with
the colorful stamps!
Redemption day was always the most
fun though!  We’d all go to the
store and proudly put our filled
booklets on the table and tell the
sales person what we wanted with
our purchase!  It was like getting
something for FREE!

It's fun remembering things from my childhood!  I had a wonderful mother that did her best to provide things for my sister and I.  My father was self-employed in a pretty seasonal profession, so she had to really scrimp and save to make it through the lean times!  I appreciate her frugal spirit, and am happy to know I come from practical stock!  I pray my children and my grand children can learn from these experiences!
May God bless you all!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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