Monday, April 02, 2012

I was very excited last November when I was asked, after my month long guest spot on Connie Princes CT, if I would like to return in March.  I thought to myself--"No, I wouldn't LIKE to return, I'd LOVE to return!"  I SO looked forward to March!  Now that March is finished, I'm sad to say good bye again!  I hope someday to  be a permanent member on the team!!  A girl can dream right?  When I chose March for the month to return, I had no idea March was going to be so busy though!
Included in March, I had such a wonderful surprise because my daughter and son in law and three  precious little grandsons that live in Kansas came for a visit!  We hadn't seen them since last October when we had our family reunion in Colorado.  The boys have grown so much, and are so sweet!!  I've missed them SO much.  Our visit was fun, and full of lots of activities.  It was even warm enough one of the days to play outside with the squirt guns.  All three of them had a good time squirting Grandpa!!  They all had fun playing with Grandpa's trains too!  Grandpa had built a Lionel Train layout for them to play with while they were here!  Every day was filled with whistles, and horns and lots of clickity clack noises as the train made the rounds around and around the track!  It was terribly quiet when they left, let me tell you!!
After the family left, I had to have oral surgery.  That wasn't pleasant, but it got finished up, and hopefully won't have to worry about that tooth for a good long time!  After the surgery, I developed a head cold--which was miserable because I couldn't blow my nose because of the surgery.  All in all, I lost a week recovering from the surgery and the aftermath!  I'm doing much better now, in fact, totally back to normal.
During all that time, I had lots and lots of great kits to play with from my regular wonderful designers, and also from Connie!  It was funny that two of the designers I work with had collabs with Connie this month!  That hardly ever happens!  I'll share some of the great kits I was privileged to play with this month!  You can find Connie's great products at GingerScraps, GottaPixel, Scrapbook Bytes, and My Memories store!  Just take a look at how fabulous all of these kits are! and please keep in mind that most of the kits shown here had extra parts (templates, border clusters, hodge podge, or stacked papers!)  Connie always makes wonderful products!!

You can find all these fine products at Connie's stores!  You should make a visit--I'll bet you don't leave empty handed!  These are the layouts I made with these great products!

I love all the great layouts I was able to get done during my "down" time!!  Maybe that was the blessing for having to have oral surgery huh??  :)

Thanks so much Connie for having me for your guest!  It truly was a blessing!  You know how much I love your things.  I hope to work with you again some time! 
Thanks for stopping by--and may God Bless You!