Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend!  I can't believe it's almost December.  We spent Thanksgiving with good friends and neighbors.  She's a great cook, so we had PLENTY to eat!!  She even fixed us a plate of leftovers for the next day.
Last weekend (Saturday) we attended a train show in Pasadena--an annual event that Earl looks forward to each year.  We returned home around 5 pm, and Earl went to our neighbors house to get Molly.  On his way home with her, a dog from across the street attacked her and put three punctures in her back.  I called the vet, but of course, he was gone for the weekend!!  I cleaned up the bites as best as I could with antibacterial wash, then put some Neomiacin ointment on the three bites.  She seemed fine.
I figured by Monday when the vet opened, it was too late for stitches, so set out to watch for signs of infection.  On Wednesday she didn't want to eat--BING--take her to the vet!!  This dog ALWAYS wants to eat!  So we went in early.  The vet took one look at the bites and said they needed to be stitched up--even at this late date because they were still open, and oozing!!  So, Molly got to say there and take a little drug induced nap while the vet stitched up her bites.  We picked her up around 4:00 pm, and boy was she glad to get home.  She's now on antibiotics for a week!!  She HAS learned to milk the situation though.  She's got these sad looking little eyes.  This is Friday now, and this evening was the first time she's been excited about dinner time!!  So, I think she's on the mend now.
 These photos were taken the year grandpa and I were there for Christmas.  We so enjoyed our time with Abby, Micah and Sarah.  (And Becky and Brian of course!)  I loved the snow for Christmas.  It was like an extra little present!   And speaking of presents, there were at least a gazillion!!  It took almost a week of working on them to get them all opened. (not kidding!)
For this layout I used the new kit by Simply Scrappy called Tis the Season that you can find here: and the matching templates here:
 These photos were taken on Sarah's very first Christmas.  She was such a happy little sweetie!
I used Ramona the Pest's new Volume 2 Template pack that you can find here:
and her beautiful Christmas Blessings that you can find here:

 These photos were taken two years ago today!  Amy and Scott had been here for Thanksgiving, so they stayed to have the boys help grandpa and grandma assemble the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving (our tradition).  They had fun putting all the ornaments on the same branch, and making our tree so beautiful!  We really missed their help today!  Grandpa and Grandma didn't even FINISH the tree because we got too tired!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow huh??  :)
For this layout, I used the new kit by Simply Scrappy called This Christmas that you can find here: and her wonderful matching templates that you can find here:
 Wasn't Micah just so cute here with his little pouty face?   He looked so much like his mom at this age!  What a beautiful boy he's growing into!!  These were taken back in 2005, so he's such a BIG boy now!!
I love the kit I used for this layout!  I used the template from the template challenge here:
and the kit Sunny Winter Day from Sunflower Studio that you can find here:
And here is Micah and Abby again--looking out for Santa!!  They try so hard!!
Graham Like the Cracker made a fun Grab Bag for Black Friday, and all this was in that grab bag!  Template and all!!  You can find it here:
I hope everybody is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends, and not forgetting to thank the Lord for his bountiful love and provisions!!  He is worthy of praise, and I'm so glad that we take this one day of the year to give Him the THANKS we should be giving him every day of the year!! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi Dear Old Blog!  I've been Missing In Action for a bit!  We spent a month in Colorado visiting family, and since we've been home, I've been fighting a cold--and at times didn't think I'd ever shake it, but I think it is finally loosening it's grip on me!!  I have so many layouts in arrears I may never catch up!! 

First off, we had a great time in Colorado.  We spent it at my daughter Becky's home with her husband and three little ones that aren't quite as little as they used to be!!  Sarah turned 4 when we were there, so we celebrated that momentous occasion with her.  Besides her birthday celebration, we also celebrated Brian's birthday.  We sent Brian and Becky off for a couple of days and Grandpa and I held down the fort while they enjoyed a few nights on the town in Denver!  They saw some shows, ate out, and caught up on some rest while they were away.  Grandpa and I helped the kids with school, went on walks, and played games at home!   

When we were getting packed up to come home Sarah told us she was going to miss Molly when we left.  Molly made a hit with Sarah AND Micah.  (Abby was busy with school so didn't get to play as much!)  To tell you the truth, Molly misses them too.  She doesn't have three little ones to throw the ball for her all day!  They kept her busy, and tired out!!  Abby loved taking Molly for walks on the chain when she wasn't busy with school.  Molly has been resting now for the last two weeks.  When she hears us on Skype with the kids she gets all excited and goes and gets her ball, and barks, wanting to play with them.  She doesn't care that it's AMY's kids or Becky's kids we're chatting with!  Amy's boys always kept Molly busy with the ball when they were here too!  She really misses all of them!!

I'll just share a few layouts today and try to get back to blogging more regularly!

These to layouts were made with a luscious kit by Ruby Lane called Soft and Tweet that you can find here:
Soft and Tweet   I love the soft colors and the fun elements she included!!  A great kit for about any kind of layout.  The next two layouts were made with Ruby Lane's Bohemian Love that you can find here:
Bohemian Love.

Sarah was such a little love while we were in Colorado!!  Look at her cute little smiley face!!  Oh, and I didn't have time to tell you about the TRAIN SHOW we went to while we were there.  Well, maybe next time!

That is all I have time to share today!!  Thanks so much for stopping by!