Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The first layout are shots I took at Hopie's birthday party. She had the cutest little cake with cupcakes all around the outside! The cupcakes had figures from the LITTLEST PET SHOP! Those are Hopie's favorites! She has quite a collection of them!! I love the photo on the top right side--she has such a cute look of anticipation and happiness on her sweet little face!! She was so excited!!

For the bottom layout, the Journaling says: You certainly know how to brighten our day!! You are our little sunshine girl. sketch from, and my oldest granddaughter Hannah supplied the photos for me!! She's becoming quite the photographer! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jonah is a very intense little guy. He is very expressive and he enjoys life to the max!! Here he is ready to ride his trike at the park. He did stop long enough to put his helmet on. But you better get that helmet on in a hurry!! Jonah lives in the fast lane!

I used a template from Colie's Corner, and combined it with a sketch from and a kit from GypsyBella called topsy-turvey (again!)

Amy recently sent me some cute photos of Noah right out of the bath! This was before his hair cut! Can you tell?

I used a kit called Topsy Turvey by Bellagypsy and a template by ChrissyW for this layout! I love this kit! It is so versatile!!
You can see Noah's determination in the first two photos. He has grown in strength, abilities, and in his enthusiasm! But, as you can also see in the third photo, sometimes his enthusiasm to experiment ends with a tumble. Thank God for this little guy. He is truly a blessing.

I used a Pencil Lines Template and a freebie kit from Heloise named Sweet World for this layout. I recolored some of the papers to match the photos.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here is another layout of Andrew. I took the photos when we were there for Hopie's Birthday! He was having such a good time with the little guys from on top of Hopie's cake! I think they are called Littlest Pet shop guys! Everything goes into his mouth, but that is normal for this age! I think he has his daddy wrapped around his little finger--just like the other kids! He's such a soft touch.

I used a kit from Miss Tiina called Hooty Coo for this layout.
This little guy is such a sweetie. He's about as round as he is long, but he doesn't let being round stop him from getting into anything he wants to! He's crawling all over the house, and finding things he wants to play with--like light cords, and much to Hopie's displeasure, Hopie's toys!! She tries to replace her treasures with baby toys, and sometimes he falls for it, but sometimes he puts up a little fuss. Speaking of "fuss"--I haven't really been around him when he's been fussy at all!! He's usually a pretty mellow and happy guy! He has the biggest bluest eyes you'd ever want to see--and the longest eye lashes! He's just a beautiful boy!!

For this layout I used a kit by IMendez named Annie and a template from Coliescorner blog.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wow, two posts in ONE day--can you believe it? We've been waiting since December for yesterday to come though, and I couldn't wait to scrap the happy event. I used a sketch from for the layout! And a kit called Rainy Day Blues.

Hopie turned four recently, and we attended her birthday party! She was so cute! She enjoyed her delicious dinner, her presents, and especially her cute cake that had decorated cupcakes all around the outside. The cupcakes had little "guys" from the littlest pet shop. They were darling. Hopie loved the icing, and after she ate the icing off the cupcake she told her daddy that she wanted more!! She is such a sweet little girl, and expressive!! We're so lucky to have her in our family.

I found this cute kit (called Hope) and just couldn't pass it up! It so fit hers to a T!! I used a sketch from for the layout. The kit came from there also!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I have another layout to share today! I love these photos of Jonah that Amy shared with me. He is such an expressive little boy--and there is no doubt you know exactly his mood at all times! :)
I love this little guy.