Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween for those of you who celebrate. Dannethia has made a treat just for you. Don't be fooled by the appearance of this goodie. It may or may not be in the goodie bag. The only way to know for sure what I have put in the bag is to snag it. Be sure to snag it fast because it will only be available for one day.  Pick it up here, on the Miss Mis Blog!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Good morning!  I have several layouts and kits to share with you today!  I better get started!
I don't know if you knew or not, but Luv Ewe Designs recently opened her store at Gingerscraps!   She's back at designing, and came up with a cute kit for you this week called Now Showing.  It's really a sweet kit, and I'm so happy to see her back in the designing world!  Here is a preview of her cute kit:

When we were in the mountains of Colorado recently, my family had a family reunion.  It was loads of fun, and I loved seeing my girls together!!  They all haven't been together in many years.  They all picked up from when they left off several years ago though, and enjoyed each other's company!!  Debbie has always been the trickster--and this meeting showed that she hasn't changed much over the years.  When she was small, we played a game called Can't Stop--and she never could.  Dad and I took the game with us--just for old time sake, and just like when she was small, she still couldn't stop!!  This time she gave her oldest daughter Ashlyn instructions on how to play the game!!  The chip didn't fall too far from the old block!!  Neither one of them could stop!!  I made this layout of Debbie and her "Can't Stop face!"
 Another kit I want to share with you today is from Jen C designs!  She is such a great designer, and I always love the kits she releases.  I feel so privileged to be a part of her CT!!  The kit is called Divalicious and can be found in all of her stores, but here is her link to Funky.  Here is a preview:
and the layout I did with it!
 Isn't Abby adorable up on that horse?  She really loves the horses!!  She's hoping to continue her lessons again next summer!!
Still another kit I want to share.  This one is from Marie H Designs and it is called Country Boy!

She also released a new set of Templates today called Passion Volume 2.
 I used these two kits to make this layout:
 Aren't my grandsons so cute too?  Amy has a hard time getting all three of them looking good in the same photo.  Noah even donned a paper bag, but being their grandma, I think they are adorable no matter which one is acting silly!!
Twin Mom Scraps also has a new release today!  It's called Got Veggies?
 and I had fun making this layout of our stop off in Frisco, Colorado on our recent trip!!
 Sugar Pie Scraps also released a set of great templates today!  They are called Scrap Like Crystal Volume 2 because they were inspired by actual layouts that were made by Crystal!  Imagine that!  You can find them here:
And I made this layout of my granddaughter Abby.  She amazes me every day with how much she enjoys learning about new things!
 although the kit I used isn't a new kit, it's called So Silly, and it is a very versatile kit, as I've used it several times!  You can find it at Gingerscraps.
Miss Mis also released a cute kit today.  It's a Halloween kit called Bewitched.  Here is the preview-
and my layout shows my little grandsons last year all dressed up for Halloween!
 Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I appreciate any comments.  May God bless you all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

In my haste on Friday, I didn't mention another kit that was released.  It is a kit by Miss Mis called Detected.  I had fun with this kit!  We recently visited Colorado with 18 family members!!  Eight of these members were home-schooled children (my grandchildren!).  We were at a lodge like home in the Rocky mountains near a city called Breckenridge.  Even though we were all on vacation, it wasn't a vacation from school!  All the school-aged children still received their lessons every day.  They all sought out a place in this huge home to do their individual work.  I was so proud of all of them being so diligent with their studies, and with their parents for supplying a good education.  We sneaked in a few walks to study the plant life in the area, and snapped some photos of course.  One of the children wrote a report and included some of the photos!!
Anyhow, here is the cute kit found at Scrapable.
 and here is the layout I did with the kit and my grandchildren!
 We had a great time in the mountains--and hopefully, we'll be able to plan another adventure sometime soon!  It's hard to get 5 families together (we had 4 of them this time!)  We live in 3 different states, from California to Kansas!!  The cousins really enjoyed the adventure though, so it was well worth the sacrifice!!
Thanks for stopping by!!  May God Bless you this beautiful Sunday morning!

Friday, October 14, 2011

This is my layout I did with the new kit called Sassy Sisters from Elker W Designs found here.  I also used a template from Connie Prince. Elker has some other sweet kits at her store too!  You can count on quality kits when you buy from her.  They are always adorable too! 
This new kit from Sugar Pie Scraps is good for ANY scrapper!  It's a kit called  This is Why I Scrap!
You can find that sweet kit here.  It was fun getting my journaling put together for this one!  Afterall, I spend a lot of time scrapping, but saying WHY I do it was a challenge.  Here is the layout I did with this kit and a template from BellaGypsy.

 Jen C Designs also released a really cute kit today.   It's called Look Woos Having a Birthday and can be found here.  This is what it looks like:  Isn't it just darling?  Take a look at the cute owls!!  I love the banner too!
I made this layout with Jen's cute kit!  We recently visited Breckenridge, which is in the mountains outside of Denver Colorado.  Three of my four grown children, and 10 of our 14 grandchildren were able to get together there!  We had such a good time together--and it was the first time this many of the grandchildren were together at the same time.  We came from three states--California, Kansas, and Colorado!  Since the kids married and moved from our state, it's been very difficult to find time when everybody could meet someplace!  I'm thankful for this time together, and hope next time, that all four of the kids and by then we'll have 15 grandchildren, so I also hope all of them can meet together and share in the fun!!  While we were there, since nobody is around anybody else for birthdays, we had an UNBIRTHDAY for everybody!  We had cake and ice cream, and of course presents!  We had such fun!  Here is the layout I made so I can remember all of those fun moments together.

Oh, I also used one of Jen's Blended templates that you can find here.  If you haven't tried any blended templates, I suggest  you do because they are lots of fun!

That is all for today--Thanks so much for stopping by, and May God Bless you and yours! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I had the opportunity this week to do a layout for a designer I originally worked with when I was a site CT for DigitalScrapCafe.  Her name is Elker W. Designs, and she does some terrific work.  Her kits were so much fun to create with because the quality of her things was so high.  I answered a One Kit Call this week, and worked with her new release Sassy Sisters.  It's a cute kit all about sisters, with lots of PINK and cute things!  Today I can only show you the sneak peek, as the kit hits the store tomorrow! 
 As you can see from the sneaky peeky, it's really a sweet little kit!  Tune in tomorrow and I'll share the layout I did with this cute kit!
Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Miss Mis has been a busy little designer!  Besides her collab with Modern June that I wrote about last, she also released a great collab with Lacy Bittner called Savvy Saver this past week! 

When I saw the kit, my mind went back to when I was a child, and I remember my mother's obsession with saving stamps.  I decided to document that adventure with my layout.  It was fun remembering all the time she spent trying to collect, save, and redeem those stamps!  Here is the journaling:
Mama saved stamps!  Green stamps,
Red stamps, Gold stamps, it didn’t
matter!  We had a whole drawer
full of stamps and filled books
of stamps.  She'd shop on double
or triple stamp day to make the
most of her purchase!
I remember seeing her pour over
the catalogs of things she could
redeem with her precious stamps.
She could find just about anything
in those magical catalogs!
Pasting day went like this.  First
we’d separate all the different
kinds of stamps and put them in
their pile.  We’d use a wet sponge
on the backs of the stamps and
we’d work on one of the colors
until we ran out of stamps all our
available books were filled with
the colorful stamps!
Redemption day was always the most
fun though!  We’d all go to the
store and proudly put our filled
booklets on the table and tell the
sales person what we wanted with
our purchase!  It was like getting
something for FREE!

It's fun remembering things from my childhood!  I had a wonderful mother that did her best to provide things for my sister and I.  My father was self-employed in a pretty seasonal profession, so she had to really scrimp and save to make it through the lean times!  I appreciate her frugal spirit, and am happy to know I come from practical stock!  I pray my children and my grand children can learn from these experiences!
May God bless you all!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Friday, October 07, 2011

I'm so excited about the kit I have to share today!  Miss Mis and Modern June did a great collab called Super Pow!  It is a really sweet kit, especially if your little one is into super figures!  When I first looked at the kit, that was what I saw, but as I opened up the elements, I was struck at just how versatile the kit really is!  The alphabets are just great, and I LOVED the cute flowers too!!   You can find this exclusively at Scrapable.  This is one you aren't going to want to miss!!
Here is the layout I did with this cute kit!  It documents my daughter Becky's leap into the business world with the release of her first game!  She's made dozens and dozens of super games, but this is the first one that has been picked up and published!!  You can find Knock Your Blocks Off at Amazon and other fine retailers! You go girl!! 

What a fun day this is!!  I hope you enjoy all the days that God gives to you!!  May God Bless you!
and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 03, 2011

I missed posting about a new kit from Sugar Pie Scraps.  It was actually released in late September!  Better late than never though right?  The kit is so cute--I love the rich colors and wonderful elements!  It has lots of cute stars, and stacked stars too!  The bundle has stacked papers and beautiful clustered frames!  I love the word art!  The alphabet is also fun, and I'm sure I'll use it over and over again!

Here is the kit preview and the store link:
and here is my layout!  Sarah is so cute--she reminded me of playing hide and seek with my kids when they were little!  They almost always hid in the same spots!  Sarah chooses the same animal to be when we play Guess Who!!
Silly Sarah!  :)  She is such a joy.  Thanks for stopping in today!!  May God Bless you!