Sunday, October 16, 2011

In my haste on Friday, I didn't mention another kit that was released.  It is a kit by Miss Mis called Detected.  I had fun with this kit!  We recently visited Colorado with 18 family members!!  Eight of these members were home-schooled children (my grandchildren!).  We were at a lodge like home in the Rocky mountains near a city called Breckenridge.  Even though we were all on vacation, it wasn't a vacation from school!  All the school-aged children still received their lessons every day.  They all sought out a place in this huge home to do their individual work.  I was so proud of all of them being so diligent with their studies, and with their parents for supplying a good education.  We sneaked in a few walks to study the plant life in the area, and snapped some photos of course.  One of the children wrote a report and included some of the photos!!
Anyhow, here is the cute kit found at Scrapable.
 and here is the layout I did with the kit and my grandchildren!
 We had a great time in the mountains--and hopefully, we'll be able to plan another adventure sometime soon!  It's hard to get 5 families together (we had 4 of them this time!)  We live in 3 different states, from California to Kansas!!  The cousins really enjoyed the adventure though, so it was well worth the sacrifice!!
Thanks for stopping by!!  May God Bless you this beautiful Sunday morning!

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