Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have a few layouts to share this evening.  Most of the things I've been working on are for kits that aren't out yet, so those will have to wait though!!  But I do have a few to share.
Graham Like the Cracker released a cute new kit this week called Cherry Tree Lane!  It's a collab with Whimpychompers, and it was inspired by Mary Poppins!  It has such cute elements in it!!  You can find the kit here:  Cherry Tree Lane.  Jen says Mary Poppins was one of her favorite movies, and she still loves to watch it.  I made this layout about Jonah playing in the rain with it!  Amy took the cute photos when they were up in the mountains last December. 

Then Wyld Web Designs has been designing again, (and we're very happy about that!)   She created this really cute kit called Funky Monkey.  Guess who I used in THIS layout with little Monkeys??  They really fit his personality well!!  You can find this kit here: Funky Monkey.  Jonah is very athletic!  You can see the determination on his sweet face when he was playing baseball with his daddy!!  Scott loves to spend special time with the boys and teach them the ropes of being a little boy!!
 Next on my list are two layouts I did with a  kit from Jumping Jelly Beans called Key Lime Pie!  Again, I used pictures of Jonah on both of them!  He's such an expressive little boy!!  :)  You can find the kit here:
Key Lime Pie
Jumping Jelly Beans also released another kit this week that I used for a layout for Sarah and the other layout is of my Amy.  The kit is called Spunk of energy and can be found here:  Spunk of Energy .  It is full of great colors and fun embellishments!!  :)
The last layout I'm sharing today is another layout of Sarah when she was just a baby.  Now she's a big almost 4 year old!!  October is her birthday month in fact!!  She's still a bundle of fun and giggles.  And she's still just as beautiful as she was when she was a baby!  The kit I used is called My Sunshine that you can find here: My Sunshine from Pixelily Designs.
 I almost forgot!!  Did you know that Ruby Lane opened up a store at Scrappity Doo Dah this past week??
She's going to start some great new features on her blog on October 1st, so drop by and sign up for her newsletter so you don't miss out!  You can find her blog here:  Ruby Lane Blog!! 
 Thanks so much for looking!!  Come back soon!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've been busy scrapping!  I only have TWO layouts to share today, but tomorrow I'll have a lot more--Tomorrow is release day for a few of my designers!  One of the layouts I'm sharing today is of my granddaughter's birthday party.  She just turned 5, and she's adorable (of course!)  She gave her mom strict instructions about her party.  She wanted Chicken on the bone (chicken legs) and a two tiered cake!  Gina, of course, obliged!  The cake was adorable!  She had little pet pals on the top for decorations.  Hopie loved it!!

I used a sweet kit called Birthday Wishes from Laurie's Scraps that you can find here:  Birthday Wishes
and also a freebie template from Jennilyn called Rainbow Road.
The other layout I have to share is of when we visited Colorado in October of 2006!  We were so surprised with the amount of snow we had while there!  It was great fun, and we all had a great time playing in the snow.  I used the fun winter kit from Misty O"Brien called  Let it Snowflake that you can find here:
and the matching Alphabet that you can find here:
and a template by Beth Swann
That is all I have to share today! Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you'll come back soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I forgot to post one of my layouts from yesterday.  As the layout I shared yesterday, this one is also made with the collab from DigitalScrapCafe called A Little Something .  This layout shows some of the fun my granddaughters have at the beach!  They live in the San Diego area, and visit the beach weekly!  San Diego is such a beautiful area, and the beach is one of California's gems!  And the girls are so special!!  I only used Megan's photos this time, but all the girls enjoy the beach!!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

The layout I'm sharing today was made with the fun September Collab from called A Little Something.  This collab has everything, including the templates!!  These photos are of  Hopie's birthday, and everybody was taking photos of her.  She is as fast as greased lightening, so trying to get a good shot of her is really a chore!!  I'm hoping that when I see Hannah, we can compare shots, and exchange some! 

Now on to some more fun things!
I'm participating in a BLOG TRAIN for the next few days!  It is associated with and we all made some BRAG BOOK pages for you!  We used the great Collab kit A Little Something from our fabulous designers at the site.  It's a great kit with LOTS of stuff to play with!  You can find it here:  A Little Something  
and here is a preview of it! 

And here is a preview of my pages with the links!!

You can find some more goodies by following the rest of the train!

Pom -
Doris -
Deanna -   <----You are here!!
Loni -
├ůsa -

Thanks for stopping by!!  Have fun! 

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The weather here in the Southern California desert is just glorious!!  It is cool and a little windy!  Earl has been working on the car all day.  (Our GOOD car.)  I should explain, our GOOD car is a 1994 GMC Jimmy!  It has almost 100,000 miles on it.  Our other car is a 1991 Chevy Metro that has almost 200,000 miles on it!!  THAT is the car we drive all the time around town.  He used it for many years as his car-pool car.  It is his baby.  He loves that car!!  The Jimmy escorts us to church once every 6 months or so, and carries us on vacations, and any other trips we go on.  Every once in awhile, like now, it just needs some TLC, and some normal upkeep to keep it running well when we do chose to use the car!!

While he's been working on the car, I've spent the day doing some Creative Team layouts.  I can share two of them with you today and one I did yesterday.  The rest of them will have to wait until the kit is released!  :)  If CT work has a downside, it's just that.  You can't post the layouts you've labored over until the kit is released!  Sometimes by the time the kit hits the market, I forget how excited I was about the kit because I've been working on other ones in the meantime.

I'll start out with the layout I posted yesterday.  It was made with a charity kit to benefit a little girl in the Philippines that needs surgery.  Mandy King was one of the designers that volunteered to work on this kit!  It is called Bella Grace, and can be found here: Bella Grace
The layout is of my granddaughter Sarah.  She's such a sweetie!!  She'll be four in October.  Time flies so fast!!
I used a kit by Pebbles and Ruby Lane called Summers End for the next two layouts.  The first one is called Pumpkin Time.  You can find this cute kit here:  Summer's End.  I also used a template by Jen Maddocks!  She supplied the template for the Added inspiration challenge at  This is a layout of Abby a few years ago when we visited a pumpkin patch close to where they lived.  We stopped in after church that morning and let Abby pick out a pumpkin.  Jonah and Noah are the focus of the other layout with this kit.  For this one, I used a template from Bella Gypsy.  Did I say I love templates??
 That is all I have to share today--hopefully, I'll be back soon!  Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Today is Labor Day in the states.  It's the traditional "end of summer" weekend.  Whites go back into the closet until Memorial day, most school children have returned to school already, or will start very soon!!  This is the last day for a lot of the outside public pools to be opened, the back to school sales are finished, and we slowly slide into fall activities!  Before we know it, in fact, it will be Christmas!!  The stores will be stocking for those hurried shopping days.  As people get older, the seasons seem to come and go faster than they did when one was young!  I haven't even gotten used to writing 2010 on my checks yet, and the year is 2/3 gone already!!

Well, before 2011 gets here, I have a bunch of layouts to share today.  I didn't realize I had six of them for this one kit from Modern June and Miss Mis that was released today.  It is called Making the Grade, and it's available at and at  It's a "back to school" kit, but oh so very versatile!  It has to be one of my all-time favorites because it IS so versatile!

All of my children are home-schoolers.  Amy (my baby) just started homeschooling her two older boys for pre-school.  She's very motivated, and is trying to make it a fun experience for them by including a lot of art projects, and fun activities.  For instance, for the first week, they concentrated on the letter "A" and did a bunch of "Activities" like make APPLESAUCE, they painted big cut out A's with apples, had APPLES for snack time, and watched movies that started with an A also!!  "B" week followed with Banana bread, and C week they watched the "Cars" movie--and learned about "coughs" because mom was sick!!  This week is D week, and they rescued a DOG named DIXIE from the pound!!  What fun huh??  Amy is very creative, and I'm sure this experience will be lots of fun for the boys.  The pictures for the layouts I made for their pre-school pages were taken before they actually started school, but the photos were too cute to pass up!!
 My daughter Debbie also homeschools, and they have gotten busy for this coming year also.  The first day of school,  all four of the girls brought apples for the teacher, so that is the name of the layout!!  The other layout depicts Debbie watching over while Megan teaches mom some photoshop capabilities!!  The girls caught on so quickly with digital scrapbooking!!

Becky also homeschools, but I chose to go back a few years and make a layout about trying to get a good Christmas photo!!  I included a lot of the out takes--just for fun!  I loved all of the photos, and that Abby is a real crack up!!  The longer the session went on, the goofier she became.  She's such a sweetie!
The last layout was with photos from Memorial Day weekend this past May.  Amy and Scott and the boys were here for our annual Memorial Day 500 Indy race!  During some of the commercials, the boys had a pillow fight with grandpa, and I had to get photos of that fun activity!!  I'm going to miss them next year--since now they live in Tennessee!!  Maybe they will go and watch the Indy 500 in person and we can wave at them in the crowd from our tv set in California!
Two more layouts I have to share were done with another new kit from Jen C Designs called Apple of my Eye.  It is available at and at  It is another really sweet kit!! I've been blessed to CT for such fun designers!!  Jen is not only a good designer, but a real sweetie too!
The first layout was for Emily's birthday that was the last part of August, and the second one is from Noah's birthday in June.

Thanks so much for stopping buy!  I love visitors!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I almost forgot to post today!!  :)  That would have been sad for my "roll" in posting.  At, they are planning a big Pirate party this month, and the bootie bags have already hit the store!!  You can find them here:  booty bags,
The designers went all out this month and put together a great collab called Summer Lovin that you can find here:
Summer Lovin   I used it to make three layouts this week.  The colors are fun and summery!  The first layout is one of Hopie!  She's such a darling little girl!!  She's built so dainty, she always reminds me of a little butterfly.

The next layout is of the San Diego girls making Potato Balls last Christmas!!  They all share in the work, and enjoy the great meal.  Dan and Debbie are quite the cooks!  The girls are learning some great recipes!!
The third layout is from when the poppies were blooming this past spring.  The little hand is Jacob's!  :)  He was so sweet!!  :)  He likes being anyplace where Amy is!!  Such a good boy.
I attended a speed scrap this evening at PlainDigitalWrapper, and to get ready for our Pirate Time, we all made pirates for our avatars.  I used the above kit to decorate my pirate.  :)
So here is Pirate Deanna.  The bird is supposed to be under my arm, but this was as close as I could get it!

That's all for tonight!  Don't forget to praise the Lord for the past week He has given you, and pray for the week ahead.  There are so many people in my life that need prayer right now, several are suffering from health problems, some are having financial problems, and a few are battling addictions.  I pray the Lord strengthens them and lets them feel His presence in their lives.  May God be with you all!

Friday, September 03, 2010

For September, the Playgroup at FPD decided on fun Grab Bags! Misty's O'Brien's grab bag includes 2 commercial use products and 3 personal use products.  Here is a peek of her grab bag!  and you can see more in the store here: grab bag here

  She is also offering a special BOGO with her Beautiful Dreamer collab with Scrappin' Serenity and the matching Glitter. Buy the collab, get the CU/PU glitter for free! Add both products to your cart and use coupon code DreamGlitter

I made the layout below with Misty's Tweet Tweet kit and the grab bag!

Be sure to grab these fun products this week!
The Labor Day weekend is upon us!  The schools that haven't started already, will be underway in the next week or so.  Before we know it, Fall will be here officially.  When I was younger, I thought fall arrived when school started.  I wasn't too far off the mark because I lived in Michigan then, and summer officially came to an end on Labor Day weekend!  I remember white shoes were only worn from Memorial day through Labor Day.  Now I just wear whatever I want whenever I want.  My poor mother tried so hard.
I have a few layouts to share today!
I love this series of photos we took of our grandson Micah when he was so little! Now he's a big boy of almost 7 years old!!  He loved the Engineer hats!!  and he still does. 
I used the kit Denim Fun by NBK Designs that you can find here:  Denim Fun

Next comes my layout about CHOCOLATE!!  Earl and I took the boys to the City Park for an Easter Egg hunt.  They used those plastic eggs, and when the hunt was finished, we handed them in, and the park workers gave the kids some candy.  I think Noah liked the eggs he found and wasn't too happy about trading them in!  But he did it anyhow.
Charmaine (Wyld Web Designs) is participating in a designers contest, and she came up with this cute new kit!   You can find the kit at Bliss kit here.
 And she had another kit that came out today also!  That girl has been pretty busy!!  I used a template from Tiffany Tillman for this one.  These photos were taken last December.  Jacob was so little then!! Now he's almost a year old, and quite the chunk!!  This kit is called Defying Gravity, and can be found here:
Defying Gravity

Another one for today is a layout I made with a new kit by Marshmella Designs called Secrets.  It was perfect for these cute photos of the boys!  They are such cute little brothers!!  :)  You can find the kit here:  Secrets Kit

My last layout is one I just finished.  I used a collab kit from Plain Digital Wrapper called Summer Luvin for the layout, and you can only find it at Plain Digital Wrapper!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Well, my Family Tree Program has the wrong date in it for Emily's Birthday.  So, I got it wrong.  I had her layout made a few days before her birthday, but sent it to her the day AFTER her birthday!  I'm not sure how my program got the wrong date.  It surely couldn't have been ME that put the wrong date it could it??  Grandpa tried to convince her that it was easier to change the date of her birthday than to figure out how to change the date on the computer program, but she wouldn't budge!!  After several emails back and forth, we decided we love each other anyhow, even if grandma messed up the date!! 

Emily is a sweet heart!!  Here is the layout I made for her birthday.  I made it with a kit from Jen C. Designs called Apple of My Eye that you can find here if you'd like it!  Apple of My Eye
Happy Late Birthday Emily!!  We love you sweetie!  By the way, I DID change the date in the program, so next year, I ought to get it right!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Last night my son and his family came over for dinner.  We had an enjoyable family time together!  I can't believe how much the kids have grown this summer!  My grandson is almost as tall as my husband now.  The baby will be two in December, and he's running all over the place.  Hopie remains petite and as cute as a bug!!  She'll be five soon, and thinks she's so big!!  And Hannah is getting ready for her senior year of high school to start next week!!  They are all so beautiful and sweet!!  Poor Andrew, though, looked like he'd been in a fight!  Apparently he walked into a swing at Sunday School on Sunday!  He has a black eye, and a bumped up head from another mishap!!  I remember those days with my own children!!  The children want to be independent but it takes bumps and bruises to achieve that at times!!  Learning is hard.

I have a few layouts to share today, but I'm going to do it in batches!!  I'll start out with a kit from Misty O'Brien.  I'm happy to be guesting for her in September.  I used a kit called Tweet Tweet (one of my favorites because it has some BIRDS in it!) and a new kit called Little Bits for this layout of my sweet Noah.

Here is a preview of the Little Bits kit:

I used the September Build a kit for the following two layout!  I used a Tiffany Tillman template for Molly's layout, and a template from Jen C. Designs  for the Silly Faces layout! 

The next two layouts were done with the cute new kit by Modern June called Tooth Cute!  It's a tooth care kit, with elements like toothbrushes, tooth paste, and even a tooth fairy!  I love it!!
Anyhow, for this week, you can find it at Scrapable for 20% off!!  Tooth Cute 
Be sure grab it while it's on sale!!

I did a theme specific layout and another layout to show you don't have to do a TOOTH layout with this fun kit!  Thanks so much for stopping by!