Monday, December 13, 2010

I had lunch today with my church ladies.  They all have prayer concerns for family and loved ones!  The world is full of hurt and pain, and we praise the Lord for the strength He gives to each of us to handle the things He feels we are strong enough to handle.  These ladies are so special--every single one of them.  I love them so!  I pray for their hurts, their disappointments, and for their health.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

This time of the year is SO busy for everybody!!  I just checked on a package I ordered on Cyber Monday and it's ON THE TRUCK for delivery today--woot!!  Somebody on my list might be happy about that!  It's been hard collecting all the gifts in one place.  One gift I ordered was delivered to new neighbors 3 doors away--another was found on the front porch at least a day after it was delivered, another one got lost for about a week in Phoenix "on the way" here, but was finally delivered yesterday!   I ordered some and had them delivered to where they are supposed to go--and a few of them are still not delivered.  I think it's funny how when you order from Amazon, and get free shipping--and then everything is sent separately!  You'd think since they are paying for shipping that they would combine some of them!

Well, enough of that!  On to things that are more fun--like sharing some scrapbook pages!  I do have lots to share, but again, not much time, so will probably only have time for a few!  I love this new kit by Dream Big Designs called My Kinda Christmas!  I've done several layouts with it already, but can't share them all here right now.  The one I can share, I love!  It's actually a lift from a lady emi at one of the forums I'm associated with! 

Isn't that just the saddest little face you ever did see?  Poor Jacob.  Most of the time he is such a sweet natured little guy!  I guess his mommy must have been where he couldn't see her!!  He DOES like her to be around.  I'm sure Santa won't take this momentary lapse of "goodness" to influence him at all!!  I'm positive Santa has him on the "good" list this year!!  Such a special little guy.

I used ScrapElfs new kit called Jolly Christmas for this layout!  I love Sarah's expression here.  She was showing us a beautiful rock she found in the yard!  And look how cute Abby and Micah are also.  Such sweeties!!  They are looking forward to Christmas I'm sure!!  Another layout I made with this kit is here:

These photos were taken at our house in 2008--just about this time of the month.  Chuck and Gina were out of town to make arrangements to adopt Andrew, and I was taking care of the other kids at Chuck's house.  Grandpa couldn't come and be with us because he was expecting some presents to be delivered!  So he stayed home with Molly, and had fun in the snow without me!  And I had fun in the snow with the kids:

For these layouts, I used a kit from Marshmella Designs called Holly Jolly.  It has a LOT of elements--my kinda kit!!  Isn't that snowman the cutest??  Another fun kit is the December Collab kit at  It's called White Christmas, and again, has oodles of great elements!!
I did these layouts with that great kit!
And another couple of kits I played with this week were a template set from PhotoCowGirl called Like em Big 2, and a wonderful Christmas kit and word art from Kathy Winters called Christmas Jingle, and Dear Santa word art kit!  I made this layout with that combination!  Sarah was such a beautiful little one!! 

That is all I have time to share right now!  I hope you enjoyed your visit!  And come on back sometime.  I love visitors.  Have a blessed day.

Monday, December 06, 2010

I had such a nice surprise yesterday.  I have a friend that deserted California many years ago, but was in my city briefly for a family affair, and she called me out of the blue!  She asked if I'd be home for awhile, and I of course said YES, definitely!  She came over and we had such a great visit.  It was like we've seen each other every day for the past 15 years!!  We picked up where we left off, and I remember why I love her so much. 

I've been busy working on fall and winter layouts lately.  They are always so much fun.  I have enough photos to last me a lifetime, but sometimes I use photos over again--and sometimes even AGAIN!  I have my favorites I guess.  My children are such great photographers that I hate to just use the photos once.  So it's THEIR fault!!

The first couple of layouts I have to share were made with new kits from Modern June (You can find them at  One kit is called Seaside Santa, and the other is called Hung with Care.  Both are really fun kits to use.  I used a Ramona the Pest template for the second layout, and an unknown template for the first one.

Another layout I have to share today was made with a kit called White Christmas which is the December collab kit available at  (The fun part of this kit is, it's FREE with a 10.00 purchase!)  I love this series of photos that Becky took in 2007.  The kids were so much fun that day.  What a fun memory.  Besides the White Christmas kit, I also used a freebie Challenge template for this layout.

And the last layout I have for today, I made with the October Collab available at  It is called Falling for You!  I also used a Tiffany Tillman template with this layout.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Don't be a stranger.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

 I have several layouts to share today!  The pictures for the 2009 layout were taken at Amy and Scott's condo in Santa Clarita.  I love the photo of Noah looking in the fireplace waiting for Santa!  Isn't he so cute?
I used Jen C. Designs new kit It's Christmas Time that you can find at FunkyPlaygrounddesigns this month, as she is guesting there in December!!  The other layout I did with this kit is coming up--it is with Sarah sitting in the Christmas box!  Why do kids like boxes so much anyhow??  I used templates from Ramona the Pest for both the layouts.
 The photos for Another Christmas Story were taken in Denver a few years ago.  Look how small Micah is!  He's going to be seven very soon.  I can't believe how cute he is.  He was bundled up so tightly that he couldn't bend his arms--which is why I named it Another Christmas Story!  It so reminds me of that Christmas Movie!
I used the fun kit from Ruby Lane called Merry and Bright that is also found at FunkyPlaygroundDesigns!  I also used a template from Trixie Scraps for this layout.

There Amy is reading a note from Santa by the Christmas Tree.  Unfortunately, while she was reading the note, Molly almost ate the cookies on the plate!  If you can't trust your dog, who CAN you trust??
For this layout, I used a completely free kit from Simply Scrappy that can be found at twopeasinabucket!  It is called Jingle Jangle!  I also used a freebie blog template.
 Look at that little pouty face!!  Sarah could really pour it on couldn't she??  Every time I see this I think of the Christmas song lyrics "Better not Pout."  She didn't seem to know why at this age though!  :)  I used a new kit by Mandy King called Glad Tidings that is found at ScrappityDooDah, as Mandy is exclusive there!
This is the other layout I did with Jen C. Designs!  I love it when the kids like the boxes things come in!!  Just goes to show you that a lot of expensive toys and things aren't really needed!  Kids find joy in the simplest things. 
This is another layout that I used Ruby Lane's Merry and Bright kit.  I love the great colors and the nicely designed elements in the kit.  The little snowman is so much fun, and her snowflakes are really nice!!  I could scrap these photos of Abby again and again as I love them so much!!  She is such a sweetie!! 

The last layout I have to share today is one about our Christmas tree!
We love assembling our tree, but it's our special ornaments we've used over the years, and the special things we put under our tree that makes it almost magical in our living room. 

I always get the itch to put the tree up before Earl does.  I'd like it up before Thanksgiving, but he likes to wait until the day after Thanksgiving.  I give him grief about that every year, but he always wins.  I'd think it would be him that would want to get it up and cleaned up in here since he then gets to "play" with all of the trains he sets up under the tree. 
 I used a kit called Christmas in Blue that you can find at Digital Scrap Cafe!  I also used a template by Tiffany Tillman!  Have I told you lately how much I love templates?

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you come by again soon.  Merry Christmas!!