Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have two layouts to share today!  They were both made with the new kit from StrawBeary Designs called Ladybug Picnic!  I love this kit-it is so versatile and has such cute elements in it! 
The first layout is of my granddaughter Hope.  I've scrapped this photo before, but Hannah did such a good job with this set of photos that I just had to use this photo with this kit!  Hopie is like a little lady bug herself--she flies from one thing to the next!!  And she always seems happy. 

The second layout is for Jacob.  He's a little sweetie too!  Look at his cute expression.  He's such a good little guy.  He's claiming his own little spot in this world!  (and in our hearts of course!)  I'm not sure what we did before he got here--Amy and Scott, of course, are thinking they got a lot more sleep before Jacob made his appearance!  :)                 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look what the BIRDS did today!!  A first visit to the pumpkin patch with all three little pumpkins!!
I made the layout with the cute kit from StrawBeary Designs called Pumpkin Spice! 

I used a blog template for this layout, then I reproduced the colors from Hopie's pajamas for the paper.  She is such a sweet little thing--light as a feather, and the most gorgeous long fingers I've ever seen on a child!  She'd make a great piano player.  Her bright brown eyes are snappy just like my mom's used to be.  She is definitely a little sweetie!! 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amy posted some more photos on her facebook page, so being the good grandma that I am, I snagged them, and made a layout or two!  :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yes!  Our baby is back home again!  To celebrate the occasion, I made a layout.  Journaling says:  Jacob! You are still pretty young to have to start over again, but after a few days in the hospital, that is what you are going to do! Take the time to relax and get to know your family! We’re happy to have you home again with your brothers where you belong. I used two kits--Annie from Imendez and a freebie kit by Sev, and a template from Collie's Corner.
We're so happy Jacob is feeling better!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I made this layout last week right after Jacob's birth--It was for the site!  :)  Look at his chubby little cheeks!  And Amy looks so great after giving birth to this 9 pound 6 oz sweet baby!!   Way to go Amy! 

Our baby is sick!  He's in the hospital awaiting results of a million tests they ran!  Scott posted some photos of Jacob on his facebook page, and I snagged them and made this layout.  It is my first attempt at making my own template--which Jen Martakis from 2 peas helped me with!  I made this layout for the pub ad challenge at while we are WAITING AND PRAYING 4 JACOB TO FEEL BETTER.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I made another layout with the Pumpkin Spice kit from StrawBeary Designs.  The kit has lots of cute elements in it, and it was hard to narrow down the choices.  I used the owl again because Jacob's and Jonah's last name is BIRD--and I like to use Birds on their layouts!! 

Thursday, October 08, 2009

This is my first paper layout of my new grandbaby!  It is the first paper layout I've done in a long time in fact! I used DCWV paper, and KI Alphabet Soup letters!  Love those things!

Jacob is at home!  Mom and baby doing fine.  One older brother really loving the baby the other older brother is a little "indifferent" so far!   He IS a cutie though!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My sister and I have a great relationship now that we are adults.  I guess for "kid" sisters, we got along as well as most kid sisters do--but it took growing up for us to really enjoy each other and become best friends.  That shared experience of childhood, the family, and the love we all shared really means a lot to both of us.  I made this layout as a challenge at our recent online crop at 2 peas. 
The journaling says My sister and I were very different growing up.  She was always the perfect one and I was the family clown. 

Look at her!  She's standing there so perfectly with her gun straight out!  If I shot MY gun, I would have shot her in the foot!!  In the other photo, I remember that day we got our pictures taken.  It was at home--there was a photographer that came to our neighborhood.  The photographer made Patsy put her arms around me like she really liked me, but Patsy kept tickling me!!  I was always so ticklish--and I couldn't sit still!!  And I hated my midriff bare!! 

I had BIRDS on my mind when I made this layout!!  My daughter (last name Bird) was getting ready to deliver the new grandson!!  :)
Jacob Daniel Bird was born this morning at 7:24 am!!  He is our 6th grandson, and he joins 8 granddaughters!  The boys are catching up!  He was 9 pounds 6 oz and 22 inches long.  :)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Today I get to share an older photo, but with a newer kit!  This will be my first layout for the StrawBeary Designs creative team.  The kit is called Pumpkin Spice and you can grab it here:

The photo is Abby, of course, in one of her more pensive moments!  :)  We were in Colorado awaiting Sarah's birth in October that year, and we experienced a beautiful fall--then even some winter weather while we were there!  Colorado is a beautiful state, and we always enjoy our time there.  Of course, playing with the kids is the highlight of our trip, and THIS trip we got to play in the leaves AND in the snow!  And then we also got to add little Sarah to the family too.  A beautiful addition!!  :)

I love the tree in this kit!  I've been loving trees AND Owls lately, and this kit had BOTH!  Can't ask for much more that that!  Have a great day!