Thursday, September 02, 2010

Well, my Family Tree Program has the wrong date in it for Emily's Birthday.  So, I got it wrong.  I had her layout made a few days before her birthday, but sent it to her the day AFTER her birthday!  I'm not sure how my program got the wrong date.  It surely couldn't have been ME that put the wrong date it could it??  Grandpa tried to convince her that it was easier to change the date of her birthday than to figure out how to change the date on the computer program, but she wouldn't budge!!  After several emails back and forth, we decided we love each other anyhow, even if grandma messed up the date!! 

Emily is a sweet heart!!  Here is the layout I made for her birthday.  I made it with a kit from Jen C. Designs called Apple of My Eye that you can find here if you'd like it!  Apple of My Eye
Happy Late Birthday Emily!!  We love you sweetie!  By the way, I DID change the date in the program, so next year, I ought to get it right!!

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