Monday, September 06, 2010

Today is Labor Day in the states.  It's the traditional "end of summer" weekend.  Whites go back into the closet until Memorial day, most school children have returned to school already, or will start very soon!!  This is the last day for a lot of the outside public pools to be opened, the back to school sales are finished, and we slowly slide into fall activities!  Before we know it, in fact, it will be Christmas!!  The stores will be stocking for those hurried shopping days.  As people get older, the seasons seem to come and go faster than they did when one was young!  I haven't even gotten used to writing 2010 on my checks yet, and the year is 2/3 gone already!!

Well, before 2011 gets here, I have a bunch of layouts to share today.  I didn't realize I had six of them for this one kit from Modern June and Miss Mis that was released today.  It is called Making the Grade, and it's available at and at  It's a "back to school" kit, but oh so very versatile!  It has to be one of my all-time favorites because it IS so versatile!

All of my children are home-schoolers.  Amy (my baby) just started homeschooling her two older boys for pre-school.  She's very motivated, and is trying to make it a fun experience for them by including a lot of art projects, and fun activities.  For instance, for the first week, they concentrated on the letter "A" and did a bunch of "Activities" like make APPLESAUCE, they painted big cut out A's with apples, had APPLES for snack time, and watched movies that started with an A also!!  "B" week followed with Banana bread, and C week they watched the "Cars" movie--and learned about "coughs" because mom was sick!!  This week is D week, and they rescued a DOG named DIXIE from the pound!!  What fun huh??  Amy is very creative, and I'm sure this experience will be lots of fun for the boys.  The pictures for the layouts I made for their pre-school pages were taken before they actually started school, but the photos were too cute to pass up!!
 My daughter Debbie also homeschools, and they have gotten busy for this coming year also.  The first day of school,  all four of the girls brought apples for the teacher, so that is the name of the layout!!  The other layout depicts Debbie watching over while Megan teaches mom some photoshop capabilities!!  The girls caught on so quickly with digital scrapbooking!!

Becky also homeschools, but I chose to go back a few years and make a layout about trying to get a good Christmas photo!!  I included a lot of the out takes--just for fun!  I loved all of the photos, and that Abby is a real crack up!!  The longer the session went on, the goofier she became.  She's such a sweetie!
The last layout was with photos from Memorial Day weekend this past May.  Amy and Scott and the boys were here for our annual Memorial Day 500 Indy race!  During some of the commercials, the boys had a pillow fight with grandpa, and I had to get photos of that fun activity!!  I'm going to miss them next year--since now they live in Tennessee!!  Maybe they will go and watch the Indy 500 in person and we can wave at them in the crowd from our tv set in California!
Two more layouts I have to share were done with another new kit from Jen C Designs called Apple of my Eye.  It is available at and at  It is another really sweet kit!! I've been blessed to CT for such fun designers!!  Jen is not only a good designer, but a real sweetie too!
The first layout was for Emily's birthday that was the last part of August, and the second one is from Noah's birthday in June.

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