Saturday, September 04, 2010

I almost forgot to post today!!  :)  That would have been sad for my "roll" in posting.  At, they are planning a big Pirate party this month, and the bootie bags have already hit the store!!  You can find them here:  booty bags,
The designers went all out this month and put together a great collab called Summer Lovin that you can find here:
Summer Lovin   I used it to make three layouts this week.  The colors are fun and summery!  The first layout is one of Hopie!  She's such a darling little girl!!  She's built so dainty, she always reminds me of a little butterfly.

The next layout is of the San Diego girls making Potato Balls last Christmas!!  They all share in the work, and enjoy the great meal.  Dan and Debbie are quite the cooks!  The girls are learning some great recipes!!
The third layout is from when the poppies were blooming this past spring.  The little hand is Jacob's!  :)  He was so sweet!!  :)  He likes being anyplace where Amy is!!  Such a good boy.
I attended a speed scrap this evening at PlainDigitalWrapper, and to get ready for our Pirate Time, we all made pirates for our avatars.  I used the above kit to decorate my pirate.  :)
So here is Pirate Deanna.  The bird is supposed to be under my arm, but this was as close as I could get it!

That's all for tonight!  Don't forget to praise the Lord for the past week He has given you, and pray for the week ahead.  There are so many people in my life that need prayer right now, several are suffering from health problems, some are having financial problems, and a few are battling addictions.  I pray the Lord strengthens them and lets them feel His presence in their lives.  May God be with you all!

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