Thursday, February 04, 2010

I've been busy this week preparing for a Super Bowl party at my house!  We're hosting the annual neighborhood party this year!  One of the other neighbors is bringing the food--so that will be fun too.  I'm also getting ready to spend a week or so of my life doing my public service by "volunteering" for Jury Duty a week or so from now.  Tomorrow Dad has a doctor appointment with his cardiologist--nothing wrong--just his regular check up.

Since I've got so many plans for the next couple of days and weeks, I've also been busy working on my scrapbook layouts.  I have a couple more to share today.
The first one is my San Diego girls!  Sisters.  They are so cute together!
I did this layout with a cute kit called Denim Cuties, and since the girls are so cute, I thought they fit the bill for this kit from DayBreak Scraps!   Look at the bottom photo!  It's Ashlyn!  I couldn't believe how fast she's growing up.  What a beautiful young lady.  :)  Of course, the other girls are sweet and cute also, but Ashlyn was the one that changed the most over the past year.  Mom says she's very helpful at home too, as are the other three girls.  They have all really learned to help out at home.  They help with the laundry, the cleaning, and even the cooking!  They have two good teachers for all of those chores!  I'm thankful they are my grandchildren.  I love them so!!

My next layout is titled Winter Walk.  Scott is good at taking the boys out on Saturday mornings to teach them boy things--which ANYBODY that has raised boys knows, that if there is ANY water around, a boy is going to find a way to get into it!  No matter if it is still winter, or that the water is COLD, or that they were just sick that week!  They are going to get in that water.  Funny little boys!!
I used a template from another Creative Team member at Pretty Scrappy!  Her name is Heather Banholzer, and she donated her template for the Scrambled Seedlings template challenge at the site.  Thanks Heather!  I also used the kit called Another Winter Kit from eqrAveziur for this layout!

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