Thursday, February 11, 2010

It has got to be time for a catch up!  I've been scrapping, but not keeping up the posts!!  My goodness, time just gets right away from me.  Someone asked me recently how I can keep up the the Creative teams I'm on--and I just think they are so much fun!  And actually, just working with one kit at a time, and not trying to mix things up as much, has really saved a lot of time and energy!  I love all the teams I'm on.  The kits are so much fun to play with!!
So here goes:  First layout on deck is made from a kit that supplied to compete in a contest at their site!  Tricia Curtis allowed all of the contestants to use her kit called Sew Chic.
There were 180 kits handed out, and 107 contestants completed layouts and posted them.  Of the 107 that completed the layouts, 83 were bound over for round two of the contest!  I was lucky enough to be one of those 83!!  But here is the layout I completed with that first kit!
This is, of course, Jacob.  It is one of his newborn photos that Amy took during one of her photo shoots!  I'm thankful she shares those photos with me!!  When I'm with them, we hardly have time to transfer many photos at all.
When I see this little boy, I am so thankful that God added him to our family.  He's such a sweet little one.  He is just adorable!!

The kit for the second round was huge!  It was supplied by Dancing Princess Designs and Dynabel!  The name of the kit is Dipsy Doodles, and it was just jam-packed full of fun goodies!  I made two layouts, but we could only submit one to the contest.  I'll post both of them here though because I love them both.  I used the same photos on both of the layouts because they went so well with the papers in the kit!!
This is the layout I submitted for the contest.  I love these sweet photos of Sarah when she was a little younger than she is now.  When I close my eyes, and think of Sarah, this is how I see her in my head in fact, because this is what she looked like last time I actually saw her in person.  It's so hard to live so far away from the kids!  They grow up and change so fast!  Becky took these photos of Sarah with her super duper camera!!  I love the one of her with her profile!  Her eyelashes show up so pretty in that one!!

I love this second layout because I was able to fit in much more journaling than in the first.  And, besides that, I actually think it fits my usual style of scrapping a little better.  I love how she is looking down into the layout here!  and her beautiful eyelashes show up so pretty too.  Did you notice they are curly??

All of the remaining contestants find out next Tuesday night who are the lucky ones to move on to Round three!  I love the layouts I was able to do with the supplied kits, though, and will be really happy if I move up, but if I don't get that chance, that is ok too!!  The contest is a lot of fun, and there are some amazing scrappers taking part in the contest!!  It is so much fun to see how each of them takes the same kit and comes up with something so different from everybody else!!  Good luck ladies!!


Casey Wright said...

Love your LO Deanna - they are just so sweet!

Jen Martakis said...

These are absolutely wonderful Deanna. I so look forward to being a doting grandmother! Good luck with the contest. I'm cheering for you! :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

You are very talented! These are some of the prettiest scrap sheets I have ever seen.

Stephanie said...

My favorite of these three is Little Sunshine Girl - it's BEAUTIFUL! Love the way you used the profile photo up in the corner.