Sunday, January 16, 2011

I guess it would be good to post my project 52 layouts here too.  I may not make it through the year with "my goings on" which will seem pretty boring to many I'm sure!!  (probably to me too!)  We live a pretty laid back life!!  Being retired is great! 

Anyhow I'm doing my Project 52 a bit different than most people.  I'm only going to take ONE day a week and do a layout of the most stand out thing that happened that whole week-It may be one photo, it may be more!  that is IF I happen to remember to take photos at all!! 

I DID do layouts of the first two weeks already, so two down, and 50 to go!!  Yeah!  I'm on a roll!!
My first week layout is of our surprise snowfall!  It was fun, but it didn't last long!  And my 2nd week layout was about Hannah coming over for a day and playing in my scrapbook with me (and her friend Hannah).  It was good to share my oodles of supplies, and fun to see their creations!  Here are my layouts!

 On to week THREE already! 

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Simona said...

Deanna, one day in a week sounds like a do-able goal for scrapping! I am worse than you and set a monthly makeup as my goal for 2011, which would be better as 2010 anyway, so I can always make even better next year! Wish you good luck in making it to the end!