Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've been SO neglectful on my blog posts!!  I do have lots to share though!  It's been a bit oppressive here this week with very high temperatures, and higher than what we like humidity.  I've been thankful for an "inside" hobby to stay inside out of the heat!!  We can't complain about the summer we've had though! Most of it has been wonderful.  I can't remember a cooler summer since we moved here in 1972 in fact.  Since we do live in the desert, the hot summers are just one thing we expect!  Here is a photo of what our sky looked like this afternoon.  It was gorgeous!!  We ended up not getting ANY rain or even a drop in the temperature, but it was fun watching the beautiful clouds build over the house!!

Last Friday Hannah and a friend of Hannah's came over and played in my scrapbook room with me.  They love making cards with the cricut.  Hannah didn't inherit my lame card making gene thank goodness!!  Her and her friend together made about 13 cards!!  They were all real nice.  I was glad to have the excellent company, and also to have someone to share my wealth of paper supplies with!  I actually made 4 paper layouts while the girls were here.  I had to finish up the journaling and the finishing touches, but it was fun playing with paper again after such a long time. Here are the four layouts I did!

Now on to some of the digital layouts I've done since I posted last!   Like I said earlier, it's been HOT here--way up into the triple digits in fact!!  When I was looking through some of the photos to scrap, I came across some snowy ones.  I thought it might work to make me feel a little cooler!!   For the layout Snowballs in the face I used a great kit by Ruby Lane called Playdate!  I also used that kit for the The Boys layout.  It's a great kit, full of nice elements and you can find it here:

The Sweet As Candy layout of Emily at the campground was done with the August Collab at Plain Digital Wrapper called I Scream for Ice Cream.  I love those pictures of her!!  She REALLY got into eating that Klondike bar!!

Amy started homeschooling the boys a week or so ago, and the PRESCHOOL layout was made with photos from their first few days of "class."  She is going all out, and the boys are going to learn a whole lot!!  I used a kit from Mandy King called Cootie Goo (I remember when all boys HAD Cooties!)  for that layout, and you can find it here:
 This kit is packed full of papers and great elements!!  I love lots of elements in the kits, and Mandy sure didn't disappoint!!  I'll try to make shorter posts in the future!!  :)  If you read this far, thanks so much for looking!!

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