Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hello old blog--I've been avoiding you lately!  :)  I've been getting a lot of spam replies, so didn't give the spammers anything to look at!  To the spammers:  my remarks are moderated--and won't be published, so you are just wasting your time!  :) 
Now, back to some fun business!!  I HAVE been scrapping a lot.  Since it's been so hot here in the desert, there isn't much else to do.  We had a great surprise this week!  Our grandson who is only five years old and hasn't even started school yet, sent us an email!!  It was so sweet, I had to make a layout with the sweet note.  The photos are from a year or so ago--because I don't have any recent ones--(HINT HINT AMY!!) I used his email for the the journaling.  Thank you Jonah for such a fun email!!
Here is the journaling:  Dear Grandpa,
I love you.  I hope you feel better. I got to hold a baby kitten.  I liked it.  It was gray and black and soft. And we got Thomas' friends.  This Thomas and friends is so much fun to play with.  When you turn the switch on, the Thomas' friends will move on tracks.  Would you visit us someday? I love
the marble run.  Mom and Dad brought me marble run.  I like it so much. I want to see your big trains and the tiny train under your table.  And I love you Grandpa and Grandma.
Now, wasn't that the sweetest thing?  Gotta say I love that boy!!  Now, down to the layout!

This kit is going to go down as one of my all time favorites I'm sure!!  It is SO boyish--and since I have some of the cutest and smartest grandsons on this earth, I'm sure I'll use this over and over again!  It's called HURRY HOME by Pardon the Mess and can be found  here.
I also used a CU template from Trixie Scraps.
 Isn't that the cutest kit (and kid) ever??  Again, I gotta just say, I love that boy!  He's such a little goofy guy!! 
I have another layout I'd like to share today too!  It showcases another one of my gorgeous grandsons actually!!  This one is Micah.  He's very studious, as you can see in the photos!!  hehe!!  His Mama Becky is schooling at home, and see the intense learning mode he gets into?  I did this layout as a challenge actually!  When I paper scrapped, I almost always made to page layouts, but since I started doing digi, I usually do one page layouts!!  I was challenged to do a two pager, so here it is!!  Again, I used a great kit by Pardon the Mess called Super Conductor found here.  

My third. layout for the day is also a boy layout.  I'm back to another one for Jonah.  He's been on a roll lately with things he's doing!!  Besides reading, writing us an email, he's also learned to ride his bicycle without the training wheels.  When I read on Amy's facebook page that they were all on the way to the park with two trikes, and a 2 wheeler without the training wheels, she also said she was taking the first aid kit!!  Silly momma!!  Jonah did so well.  Scott took movies of him and posted the movie on u-tube for us!!  It's hard to be so far away from the kids when they are growing up so fast, but having movies and skype to keep us in touch has been such a blessing!! 
Back to the layout!!  This one is documenting his reading adventure!  :)  Here is the journaling on the layout: 
Routines made bed time at the Bird house a little easier.  The kids knew they could have a snack, get ready for bed, use the bathroom, brush teeth, then they would get a story.  They would rush through the first part of the routine so they would finally get to the story.  All the boys love their story time with either Mom or Dad!

Because of his love for books, it didn’t really surprise me that Jonah caught on to reading so easily!!  First he learned the sounds, and before long he was sounding out the words. 

He’s quite proud of himself now! He can read a book to himself or one of his brothers all by himself!   Praise God for teachers, and for little boys who want to learn! What a special blessing you are Jonah!
Here is the layout!
I used great kit from Pardon the Mess called A different World found here
I'm HOPING I get some photos of Jonah riding his bike without the training wheels soon so I can continue his journey into big boy-dom!  Yes, I know that isn't a word!  :) 
Hope you all have an amazing day!!  I'm sure I'll be back soon!  May God bless you!

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