Saturday, April 02, 2011

It's been awhile!  :)  But I've been pretty busy! 

When we retired, I had no idea how busy retired life could be--and it's not doing something all the time, it's just living day to day.  The regular activities (cleaning house, doing laundry, fixing meals) take a lot of time!  And my house isn't spotless to say the least!!  I just don't know how in the world we ever found time to have a job--either one of us!! 
Yesterday my husband was outside painting the patio cover before 8 am!!  And that was after we got home from walking the dog.  Poor dog would go bananas if we did something BEFORE her walk!  She is such a creature of habit.  She is such a blessing in our lives though, not sure what we'd do without her!
Anyhow, after he was finished painting, he mowed the lawn, moved mulch from one side of the yard to the other, fixed sprinklers, and by then it was 4 pm!!  I was really proud of him though, last time he worked outside all day, he came in at about 6 pm and was so exhausted I had to hand feed him.  He doesn't know when to quit.  So, yesterday I told him he had to stop by 4 pm, which would give him enough time to get cleaned up before dinner.  I was totally surprised, though when he minded and came in at 4:15.  He felt much better last night than he had the last time!!  It was hot outside--it was our first day over 90 this year.  Summer is really creeping up on us.

I've been busy with my CT work.  This week has been especially busy for some reason!  I'm totally enjoying it, and am getting a lot of scrapping done.  I have a few to share today--
I loved the Pandemic kit by Dream Big Designs so much that I did another layout with it.  It's called Baby Noah.  He was such a cutie!!  This kit was perfect for it.  You can find it here:
Another layout I wanted to share with you today is Mommy's Kisses.  It is a few photos of Noah when he tripped over his own feet and hit his head on the sidewalk.  Poor Noah!!  Sometimes his head is just too heavy.  I used a kit from Pixelily Designs called Love Blooms that you can find here:
and here is the layout. 
That is all I have time to share today.  Thanks so much for stopping by--May God bless you and your family!

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