Friday, April 15, 2011

Again, I'm in a hurry.  One day I'll have time to share ALL my layouts!  It would take "awhile" to get them here I'm afraid!  I used to be a little more diligent to get them here--
The first layout I have to share today is one of Sarah when she was just a tiny baby!  Now she's a big 4 year old, and oh so cute!!  She is such a sweet little girl--and full of spunk and smiles!  What a joy she is.  I used the kit My Little World by Keley Designs found here:
The next one is kind of sad for me.  The photos were taken last year when the little Birds were still in California.  Now they are living in Tennessee, and within the next month or so, will be relocating to Kansas City!  At least they are a little closer to California I guess!  It's still close to 2000 miles "as the bird flies."  haha!  Couldn't resist!  We're praying for a safe trip and move for them!--but LAST year they were for the blooming poppies in the desert!  Tomorrow is the Poppy Festival--I miss my little Birds! I used the April Grab bag by Dutsji Designs found here: for this Spring layout.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!  May God be with you all!  Stop in again real soon.

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