Friday, March 18, 2011

Hi!  I've been feeling so bad with my allergies. It's going to be a long spring as the lilacs haven't even budded yet.  The good part of allergies, though, is time INSIDE to scrapbook! I can't seem to go outside much at all as the allergies really get me down. Thankfully, the allergies seem to be letting up a bit!
So, two of the layouts I've gotten done this week are Disney layouts of one of the Birds trips!  They had a year pass there, and I have a lot of photos, but haven't done many layouts!  Poor Noah was still a little shy when it came to meeting the characters, but Jonah was a bit braver.  Jonah especially loved the princesses, as you'll see in the first layout!  :)  By the time they met the super heros, Noah was feeling a little braver.  Here are my two layouts!
 I used the fun kit Frou Frou Fairy by Caged Bird Designs for the first layout which is  my grandsons meeting the Disneyland princesses.  Aren't the boys just adorable?  Look at the cute expression on Jonah's face.  He looks like the Bird that ate the canary!  He's holding hands with the beautiful princess and he can hardly believe it!!  You can find this sweet kit I used for this layout here: Frou Frou Fairy

The second layout demanded a bit more color and boldness, so I chose a kit called World Of Magic by Catia Cunha that you can find here:  World of Magic.  I hope to get to some more Disney layouts soon!  These were fun to make.
Thanks so much for stopping by--May God bless you!

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