Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm in the groove for the year so far!  I've done 13 layouts in 8 days.  I doubt I can keep up that pace, but it IS fun to have more pages done than days gone in the year.  The layout I'll share first is one I did today for the Flashback Friday challenge on the pub.  I'm sure I've scrapped this photo before, but it is so sweet, I just couldn't resist.  It is my mother and father in law on their honeymoon. 

I took Hazel's old ledger that she kept ALL her information in, and came up with the dates here.  That ledger is an amazing old book!  She wrote down EVERYTHING in it--the kids school grades, their doctor visits, their job records, and everything they bought, when they bought it, how much it cost, and what it was for!  I'll have to do a layout on it someday.  It is truly amazing.  She was so organized!!

My next layout is another Christmas ornament layout.  Amy informed me that my last one didn't include any of the ones from her, or ones that she had made, so this one took care of that!  :)  Gotta love that kid!  I didn't have room on the layout to explain all the ornaments, but five of them are ones that Amy either made for us or the one is a First Christmas one from the year she was born!!  One looks like Molly, one of them is from Debbie and her little flakes, and the last one is one from my tree when I was growing up.
The year we were married, my mother had gotten married that year also.  So, my mom supplied us with a lot of ornaments from our home tree because Bill had "enough" to fill up a few trees!  With her combining households with Bill, Earl and I picked up a lot of good stuff!

The last layout I have to share, the photos were from Amy and Scott's trip up to the mountains before Christmas.  The kids had a great time playing in the snow, and Amy and Scott were able to snap some good photos!  :) 
That's about all for now!  Back to scrapping--have a great day.


Pamela said...

Love these!

Linda Beeson said...

NICE! I love how "ahead" you are already on your layout count!