Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hi!  I've been BUSY!!  I have a few things to share today--I'm a little behind on my postings. 
First off, did you see that C.W. Picket is guesting this
month at Scrapable?  She took her cute Camp Out kit there with her--you can find it here:  Camp Out 

I made a couple of layouts with this kit that I love!  Scrapping is so much fun because it allows you to relive fun times from the past!  Sometimes that "past" is yesterday, and sometimes it goes back a lot further.  I use scrapping to stay close to the grandchildren.  I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, but I have boxes and boxes full of photos (and a few hard drives too!).  So when I go back through the photos to decide what to scrap, those precious memories of our time together come flooding back to me.  I love that!   These particular photos are from a camp trip we shared with the the Thompson grandchildren in 2004, and the second layout was from photos we took in San Diego when we visited in April.  What fun with these precious girls!!

 Another kit I've used in the last week or so is called Autumn Melody from Mandy King.  You can find that kit here: Autumn Melody.  I made this layout of Micah and I with it.  I loved that trip to the Pumpkin Patch!  It was so much fun.  Fall offers so many opportunities to have fun in the beautiful outdoors that God gave to us!!  Thank you God for memories and for a beautiful world to live in!
Kerry Stewart also released a kit today called Perfect Pumpkin that brought back memories of Colorado and helping Micah and Abby pick out their perfect pumpkin a "few" years ago!  More precious memories.  The kit can be found at 2 peas in a bucket, and is called Perfect Pumpkin, which is the name of the layout too!  It fit!  
 I also used a template from Photocowgirl on this one!!  She's guesting this month at EES.  Be sure to check out her great template pack when it gets loaded there!  
I have more to post, but no time now!  Will try and get back later to add some more!  Have a good day, and thanks for looking!

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Stefanie Eskander said...

These are so cute, Deanna... I especially love the camping in San Clemente one... I have so many happy memories of San Clemente! I hope that scrapping will keep me close to my grandkids too, it looks like yours ADORE their scrappy gram!