Friday, August 24, 2012

Today is August 24th.  It's a wonderful day in our family.  It's the day several years ago that we welcomed a little bundle of joy to our family.  We named her Deborah Renee' Staley.  She's now Deborah Renee Thompson!  She's a blessing to everybody that she comes in contact with. 

I remember bringing her to our small home in St. Louis.  She joined a a 27 month old brother (who wasn't impressed with the little pink thing that made a lot of noise!!)  Where he was a usually a little mischievous, Debbie was a little more shy but always sweet. She had a favorite blanket she lovingly called her sissy.  Wherever Debbie went, her sissy was there too.  It finally just totally wore out, and I think I gave her the last little strands of it not too long ago!  Debbie also loved her thumb.  Between the sissy and the thumb, those were her most prized possessions.

Debbie's first experience away from home was for college.  She attended Point Loma University in the San Diego area.  She received her degree as a Registered Nurse.  After that, she worked at Children's hospital in the same area.  Now she's a happy wife and mama to four beautiful girls.  Her girls give her as much joy as she has given to her father and I!  I love to see them together.

I love Debbie, and am so fortunate to call her my daughter, but even more so, to call her my friend.  Happy Birthday dear.  Here is your Birthday layout!  :)
May God bless you really good today dear!!  We love you.

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