Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yesterday Grandpa and I spent the day in Pasadena at the Cal Stewart Train Show.  It's a once a year event for model train enthusiasts where a bunch of train people go to sell their wares.  I akin it to a scrapbook convention for scrappers--
We had a good time walking the aisles, looking for bargains, and buying a few things.  There was an awesome floor display of several running train layouts, and also several other layouts for us to examine.  There was an upside down Christmas tree with a train running on the ceiling around the base of the tree, and another tree on the floor around the area the tree would have been, had it been on the floor.  The action of the train was possible with the use of magnets, but it looked pretty amazing running around in a circle on the ceiling.

I attended the auction.  Although it was only open for bidding to the club members, I had a good time resting my legs and feet while looking like I was actually a bidder!  There were some good deals, and some of the people were buying things at the auction and taking them right out to their booth for sale to the public.  I'm sure they were hoping on a big profit in the double transaction. 

I didn't get many photos of the show because dh had the camera--but I guess he took photos of the things that were important to him!  :)

I was browsing the web this morning and found some cute word art, so made a layout with it.  I've used this photo before, but absolutely love these photos of the baby backs and their shar-pei look before they start filling out.  Jacob may be on the mend after a rough start in life.  He spent several days in the hospital after originally being released after birth.  Then, he contracted a cold which turned to bronchitis.  Poor little guy spend a few days in an upright position because he couldn't breath while laying down.  He's such a sweet little fellow! 

Besides the wordart by Vicki, I also used a blog freebie kit by Jeanne Marie Scraps for this layout.

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