Sunday, September 27, 2009

This little guy is such a sweetie. He's about as round as he is long, but he doesn't let being round stop him from getting into anything he wants to! He's crawling all over the house, and finding things he wants to play with--like light cords, and much to Hopie's displeasure, Hopie's toys!! She tries to replace her treasures with baby toys, and sometimes he falls for it, but sometimes he puts up a little fuss. Speaking of "fuss"--I haven't really been around him when he's been fussy at all!! He's usually a pretty mellow and happy guy! He has the biggest bluest eyes you'd ever want to see--and the longest eye lashes! He's just a beautiful boy!!

For this layout I used a kit by IMendez named Annie and a template from Coliescorner blog.

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